Clean Code, Clean Design, and Clean Working methods make us unique. We agreed to double check codes, project size, comms & brackets. 

We testify every single detail so you don’t have to. We believe in developing revised free tasks so you don’t have to consult twice.

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We are a Agency

Digital Design

We love the process of innovative ideas and turning them into reality. We create designs that are visually appealing at the same time do not lose focus on the functionality of the design.


We love the process of innovative ideas and turning them into reality. We create designs that are visually appealing at the same time do not lose focus on the functionality of the design.

Dedicated Resource

Hiring quality people is always a challanging because they have their own ethics. We focus on providing quicker, reliable and long term dependable resources.

Digital Marketing

Any business website needs a marketing and promotional push. We provide efficient website marketing strategies to enhance site visibility and gain more web traffic.

Support & Maintenance

We are mainly strengthed in support and maintiance. We provide customer centric support during the project and even after the completion of the project. Any email is responded within 24 hours of time.

IT Consulting

It is shaped by the strategic and logical moves to shape the digital landscape of your business. We always upgrade and update our tech stack with help of consulting and adaptation if new tech stack

Increase producitivity by tasked based work or hire dedicated resource

We here at PixScale, We always micro manage team for quickers tasks, lengthy tasks and always priorities the launching day. We only intakes new workflow if we have more than 2 hours of free resource available.


We believe in sharing work profile over a mail or call. We count quality work over experience.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe in saving your time, and yet staying consistent in delivering the quality work is what we aim for our customers.

Our team are all of this and more

Why we are Different ?  


The right and positive motivation are hard to acquire, but when working with PixScale, it is one of the core things that is important because the right motivation brings great ideas to the projects by avoiding dull space.


From the disciplinary working system and holding consistency as the armor power, we bring the best to your business. The successful project is learned by utter self-discipline and consistency that you can expect from us.


We had worked for the years and collaborated with top-notch agencies to take some difficult decisions in achieving what best and sustainable solutions for your problem. We learn things in a way that your production never stops.


We have been successfully qualified to collaborate with tremendous companies to make sustainable decisions against the quality long-term maintainability work.


Raising the bar of quality work, our team takes full responsibility for what they serve the companies. Our developers take ownership of their work on every project they join,


Our team makes an extraordinary effort to support our existing clients. We also try our best to provide better communication so your productivity can be achieved 5x quicker.

Kuldeep Akbari

Business Manager

Pratik Parmer

Project Manager

Anand Joshi

Development Officer

We makes efforts so you can shine.

Why you should work with us !

Multiple Work Shift

We have 3 different working shift available to match with your timezone. USA, UK, Australia. Choose the shift works best for you to make sure you do not have to wait for hours to get response and resources work as per your office timing.

Cost Effective

Choosing Pixscale and hiring dedicated resource(s) will be helping you to reduce the employee payroll budget, infrastructure cost as well as offers a very reasonable hourly cost.

Experienced Professionals

At Pixscale, you will get experienced professionals with 2 to 5 plus years of experience in their respective fields. we are more focused on providing a good resource for your requirements.

Better Communication

You will be directly interacting with team member and will be able to check each small and big progress in the work. So you will have complete update on the work every day and will be able to manage/assign the work accordingly.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

NDA is strictly followed at PixScale and we take full responsibility not to share the information with anyone. We adhere to the latest security measures, so your data will be 100% secured against any unauthorized access.

No Lock-In Period

We offer resources with no lock in period. So you can use the services as and when required.

Monthly Billing Model

To make the payment easy for clients, we are here with monthly payment model where you will be paying for the dedicated resource you hire on monthly basis.

Zero Recruitment Cost

Using PixScale, Your initial recruitment cost and efforts will become zero.